Wat is een Ceilidh?
What is a Ceilidh?
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What is a Ceilidh?

Ceilidh is a Gaelic word meaning ‘a visit’ or ‘a gathering’. Historically a ceilidh would be held in a kitchen, a bothy, or anywhere else where people might gather. Folks would entertain one another during the long Scots winter nights (and in summer too) with storytelling, jokes, riddles, songs, tunes and dancing. Nowadays the above is called a Kitchen Ceilidh.


In the 20th century, another form of ceilidh, a Ceilidh Dance, was developed from an old tradition of dance that stretches to before records of dancing existed in Scotland, and this form is very much in demand wherever an occasion (any occasion) arises. The core of the Ceilidh Dance is the dancing, but between dances there are still perfect opportunities for all sorts of songs, stories, jokes and fun. The Step-We-Ceilidh Dance Band perform both Kitchen Ceilidh and Ceilidh Dance. At Ceilidh Dances Jock even teaches the dances on the spot and leads you through them until you are ready to ‘gie it laldie’ to the music.